Transcultural Train

Human Mobility

This Transcultural Train Pilot project seeks to test the feasibility of a cultural programme on a public train, linking the centre and the outskirts of the city of Rio de Janeiro. The idea of the Transcultural Train is to occupy an entire train, departing from the Central do Brasil station and arriving at the Madureira station, with a cultural programme of workshops, installations and performances, transforming the train trip into a creative experience. The prefix ‘trans’ suggests both a move ‘beyond,’ ‘passing through something’ and also ‘letting oneself be passed through’ by what one passes through. The idea of this pilot project is to occupy only one train car, as a preview of the transcultural train, seeking to generate moments of irruption in the city – a sudden invasion, an abrupt and hasty entrance – which may raise questions, create discomfort and reflection around the lack of connection between people, processes, objects and urban areas of the city.

Creative Lab Artist-Researchers: Cecilia Dinardi, Charles Feitosa, Alessandra Vannucci, Slow Dabf