For occasion of the Olympic games are being hosted by Rio de Janeiro, #RioVisivel invites all Cariocas to build recycled wood podia on their neighbourhoods and sharing photos / stories to give visibility to people from different parts of the city. Follow the instructions bellow:

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1. Find Pallet and dismantle it. Keep all the timber planks.
2. Hammer the sharp end of the nail and use pliers to remove the nails completely.
3. Measure crate and cut supports and top pieces to fit, allowing for a 15mm overhang as shown on the image above.
4. Screw supports into place.
5. Screw top pieces to the supports.
6. Cable tie the crates together – how you do this may change depending on the type of crate you’ve chosen.
7. Measure sides and cut pallet wood to fit. Screw in place.
8. Measure front and cut pallet wood to fit. Screw in place.
9. Add a kick board to the sides at the bottom.

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Creative Lab Artist-Researchers: Kate Stewart, Kazz Morohashi, Tiago Cosmo