Rio Visível

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most celebrated cities in the world, famous for its beautiful scenery and diverse cultural population. However, the gap between the haves and have-nots is painfully obvious both physically, in its large sprawl of favelas, and psychologically, in stigmatizing and antagonizing differing social groups. #RioVisivel proposes through participatory experiences and performative interventions to address the impact of visibility—for the ordinary to the extremely marginalized Cariocas—in one of the most dynamic of world’s cities at a time when the world is focused on the city for one of it’s major sporting and cultural events. The project involves two delivery vehicles: ‘Podia‘ and ‘Will we be Crime?

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Creative Lab Artist-Researchers: Charles Feitosa, Kate Stewart, Kazz Morohashi, Renato Rezende, Tiago Cosmo