The Gambiarra Lab is an innovative music and digital storytelling collaboration between Rio and London using live stream boxes (Raspberry Pi’s/ recycled Pcs), film, visual art, spoken word and music jams in ‘real time’. Artists and musicians will use found objects and sounds to create a unique immersive multimedia experience in the spirit of Gambiarra.

Through a cycle of workshops, developed and delivered with the support of a network of art and community spaces: Observatório de Favelas, Olabi, Redes da Maré, Spectáculu and B3Media, emerging artists will direct the production of an interactive installation and a live performance to be part of the Multiplicidade Festival in Rio de Janeiro in May 2016.

Finally, by collecting stories as we follow the artists’ experience through this journey, interdisciplinary narratives which will be shared on our online platform and showcased to other communities who will also have the opportunity to think about and explore the creative power of Gambiarra.

Selected artists: Ana HupeArthures GarciaBaracho, DJ RD, Flora MariahJonathan Nunes, Marilena Magdaleba, Mauricio MaiaOdayara Mello, Plinio PiettroThaina FariasTiago Cosmo, Wallace Lino.

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Creative Lab Artist-Researchers: Marc Boothe, Tiago Cosmo