Building Rio

Building Rio is a public engagement and participatory installation. During the Occupation, the audience having journeyed through the creative responses to Rio’s most pressing social challenges addressed by the 20 artists and academics in the AHRC Social Challenge through Creativity Lab project, are invited to contribute their own thoughts on Rio.

Building Rio image

The bricks are mirror-like. Participants are presented with a question, ‘I want to build a Rio that is…’, to which they place their thoughts down onto the brick and position it onto the installation wall. Slowly, brick-by-brick, a silvery reflective surface begins to grow and emerge. The surface eventually becomes a portal where the participants standing before it sees him/herself as reflections, positioned directly within the ideas and inspirations that speak of life in Rio. Ultimately, the participants’ contributions become part of a growing collective voice of the Social Challenge through Creativity Lab project.

Brick spec note

Building Rio is inspired by the city’s urban landscape marked by the omnipresent brown brick buildings that strewn the city. An eye-sore or not, the sight is indicative of the city’s social disconnect. The raw façades embody more than just life, but countless stories of forgotten aspirations, some spanning over generations, and denied opportunities. Yet, the bricks also represent the desire to construct and establish stability. Building Rio references this constant negotiation between the raw potentials of the Cariocas and the opportunities they are (or are not) given. Building Rio challenges the viewer by positioning and immersing him/her into these discussions.

Creative Lab Artist-Researcher: Kazz Morohashi